Today is April 28, 2017
Today is April 28, 2017


Terms of Reference for Short Term Project Assistant
A. Rationale/ Background
Under the current Strategic Plan (2015-2025) of the Foundation for the Philippine Environment, the National and Special Concerns Unit (NSCU) is mandated to: 1) lead in the development and management of programs in support of the FPE national and regional environment agenda (NEA/REA); 2) monitor progress towards the achievement of institutional goals and targets; 3) provide support to institutional governance (i.e. Project Development Committee, Executive Office, etc.); and 4) provide support to the Experts Advisory Pool.
Thus, to assist the NSCU in performing its mandates, FPE intends to hire a full time short-term Project Assistant for three months 
B. Responsibilities and Scope of Work
The NSCU Project Assistant shall:
  1. Assist the unit in the gathering and consolidation of institutional historical data for grants performance report;
  2. Participate in review and discussion of project proposals, policies and guidelines development;
  3. Provide technical & secretarial support, and coordination in partner-networks’, inter-unit and institutional activities; and,
  4. Perform other relevant assignments that will be given by the National and Special Concerns Unit Manager.
C. Qualifications:
  1. A graduate with Bachelor’s degree in natural sciences, marine biology, forestry and/or environment science and management, community development and other related courses;  
  2. Has experience in group facilitation and in documentation work;  
  3. Possesses above average computer literacy (i.e. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, data base, and other software applications
D. Terms of Engagement
The NSCU Project Assistant will be engaged for the period of 3 months commencing from March to May 2017, which is subject for renewal if the need arises.
E. Reporting Authority 
The NSCU Project Assistant will report directly to the National and Special Concerns Unit Manager.
F. Requirement and Deadline of Application
  • Application Letter
  • 2-page CV responding to the above responsibilities and qualifications
Deadline of application is March 8, 2017 (4:00PM). Please send application letter and CV to: 
The Executive Office/ Human Resources Development Office
Email: and
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