Today is June 18, 2024
Today is June 18, 2024
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Bolos Point, Cagayan

Bolos Point, Cagayan

Address: Cagayan

Description: Belonging to the Cagayan corridor of the Sierra Madre range, Bolos Point is a pocket of biodiversity in the Pacific seaboard. Its remoteness and considerable inaccessibility makes it vulnerable to rampant logging and illegal fishing activities. Conservation and protection through community-based capacity-building have therefore been pursued in this site.

Status: Closed

Site Profile Summary

Ecosystem Types

  • Coastal-Marine

  • Montane Forests

Protection Status

Protected Seascape and Landscape 

Geographical Profile

  • Belonging to the Cagayan corridor, one of the four identified corridors in the Sierra Madre mountain range.

  • The only coastal barangay in the municipality of Gattaran in Cagayan.

  • Featuring rugged terrain, steep mountain slopes, and narrow coastal strips.

  • As of 2004, 16% of the 11,476 hectares of forest cover in Bolos Point remain untouched.



  • Rattan, a highly sought-after raw material that is dwindling in most parts of the country, still flourishes in the area.


  • Rich in coastal and marine resources, particularly sharks.

  • Part of the migratory path of dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.

Indigenous Peoples

  • The population is mostly comprised of Ilocanos (approx. 85%), but there are small populations of Aeta and Igorot IP groups.

Livelihood Sources

  • Forest products, agriculture, fishing and other coastal/marine resources


FPE-funded Projects and Initiatives


Grant Type, Strategy


Implementing Partners

A Shift Towards Area Specific Intervention Through Strategic Planning For The FPE Priority Site In Bolos Point

Medium, Proactive, Sites



Short-Term Proposal for Bolos Community Resource Management

Medium, Sites


  • Cagayan Valley Partners in People Development (CAVAPPED)

Bolos Point Community-based Resource Management Project

Medium to Large, Site-focused


  • Cagayan Valley Partners in People Development (CAVAPPED)

Key Outcomes


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