Today is June 24, 2024
Today is June 24, 2024
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Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape, Rizal

Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape, Rizal

Address: Rizal

Description: The aftermath of the 2009 typhoon Ondoy left this critical watershed reserve in the limelight, drawing much attention to the denuded state of its forest cover. FPE commissioned a research effort in Boso-Boso and Tayabasan, two of the four sub-watersheds of the site, where an approach that covers both biophysical and the socio-economic dimensions was applied.

Status: Closed

Site Profile Summary



FPE-funded Projects and Initiatives


Grant Type, Strategy


Implementing Partner

Employing the Supreme Court Landmark Writ of Kalikasan as Instrument for the Protection and Preservation of the Marikina Watershed Reservation and as Tool for Strategic Community Organizing Toward the Formation of an Ecological Social Movement



  • Philippine Ecumenical Action for Community Empowerment Foundation, Inc. (PEACE)

Upscaling of Reforestation Efforts by Civil Society Organizations: FPE's Initiative In Marikina Watershed

Large, Proactive



Key Outcomes



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