Today is June 18, 2024
Today is June 18, 2024
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Zambales Mountain Range

Zambales Mountain Range

Address: Zambales

Description: In Zambales, the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 resulted in the displacement and separation of the Aetas from their ancestral land, depriving them of their lifeblood. Today the spirit of “Kainumayan,” the name by which the Aetas referred to FPE’s enabling and supporting intervention, once again fuels their drive for self-sufficiency and well-being.

Status: Closed

Site Profile Summary

Ecosystem Types

Montane Forest


41,317 hectares

Biogeographic Highlights

  • The Zambales Mountain Range is part of the Zambales-Bataan biodiversity corridor.

  • Mt. Pinatubo, the volcano that produced the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century, is found within the range.


  • A center of flowering plant endemism, the area is home to several of the most attractive Philippine wild orchids with high commercial value.

  • Sixty-six plants are recorded to be unique to the Zambales Mountain Range, including the flowering plant, Ardisia zambalensis.

Livelihood Resources

Agriculture, Agroforestry

Indigenous Peoples

Once the stewards of the mountains of the Zambales range, the Aetas have become hesitant occupants of hastily-built resettlement villages, following the aftermath of the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption.


FPE-funded Projects and Initiatives


Grant Type, Strategy


Implementing Partners

Indigenous Knowledge-based Community Planning Activity With the Maporac Aeta Organization In Zambales

Small, Site-focused, Constituency-building


  • Koalisyon Ng Katutubong Samahan Ng Pilipinas, Inc. (KASAPI)

Mam-Eh (Sharing) Action Plan for The First Aeta Forest Foods Festival and Develoment Forum

Small, Advocacy

Apr-Jul 2011

  • Kabalikat Sa Kaunlaran Ng Mga Ayta, Inc. (KAKAI)

Byaheng Ayta: Tracing Roots Reaching Hopes

Medium, Constituency-building

Feb-Aug 2008

  • Paaralang Bayan Ng Mga Ayta Sa Zambales

Resource Valuation Training for Mining-Affected Communities

Small, Constituency-building

Dec 2008-Mar 2009

  • Philippine Association for Intercultural Development, Inc. (PAFID)

A Shift Towards Area-Specific Intervention through Strategic Planning for Six Priority Sites (Zambales)

Large, Site-focused, Proactive



Pagsasaayos ng Silid-Aklatang Ayta



  • Lubos na Alyansa ng Katutubong Ayta sa Sambales (LAKAS)

Integrated Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Ancestral Domains Project (IBC-Sumad) or Kainumayan

Medium to Large, Site-focused


  • Pederasyon ng mga Aytang Samahan sa Sambales (PASS)

Zambales Mountain Range Community-Based Resource Management Project

Small, Site-focused


  • Pederasyon ng mga Aytang Samahan sa Sambales (PASS)

Showcasing Aeta Community-based Resource Management Towards Sustainable Development

Small, Responsive Grant


  • Lubos na Alyansa ng Katutubong Ayta sa Sambales (LAKAS)

Nature Conservation Fund Co-financing

FPE Special Project



Community-Based Seed Production and Propagation of Indigenous Agroforestry Species (IAS)

Responsive Grant


  • Volunteers in Scientific and Technological Assistance, Inc. (VISTA)

Nature Awareness Conservation Camp

Responsive Grant



Key Outcomes


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