Today is June 24, 2024
Today is June 24, 2024

Arakan Indigenous Manobo Kulamanon-Tinanon Summit: Towards furthering and strengthening Indigenous forest governance for climate change mitigation and adaptation within Arakan Valley, North Cotabato

  • Proponent: Manobo Lumadnong Panaghiusa sa Arakan Valley,Inc.(MALUPA)
  • Amount: 70,000.00
  • Project Start Date: December 05, 2011
  • Project End Date: March 05, 2012
  • Grant Type: Constituency - Building Grants
  • Area: Mindanao
  • Grant Status: Past

Project Goals and Objectives

This proposed summit is intended to contribute towards meeting the long-term goal of empowering Indigenous peoples for the management of forest resources and sustainable development within our ancestral domains.


The specific objective is the following:


  1. Develop a blue print for an Indigenous People forest conservation agenda.

  2. Provide an avenue for enhancing the skills and capacities of Indigenous citizens for governance through dialogues and other forms of participatory decision-making

  3. Enhance the voice of Indigenous peoples for forest governance at the municipal level

Outputs and Outcomes

The specific results/outputs are:


  1. A five-year forest and biodiversity conservation framework developed and circulated

  2. At most 300 participants attend a 3 day workshop to exercise voice in policy formulation for local development and forest governance.

  3. IP framework presented to and adopted by the Sanguniang Bayan of Arakan

  4. IP commitment to adopting framework and annual work plan set


Sustainability Plan/Measures

Project Methods


  1. Forest and biodiversity conservation framework

  • Three-day workshops to exercise democratic processes in IP governance

  • IP framework presented to and adopted by the Arakan SB

  • Commitment setting for IP forest governance


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