Today is June 18, 2024
Today is June 18, 2024

Finding the King of Birds (Haring lbon) with its Indigenous Agta/Dumagat Custodians within the Angat Watershed Forest Reserve"

  • Proponent: SSMESI
  • Amount: 44,000
  • Project Start Date: July 01, 2016
  • Project End Date: August 31, 2016
  • Grant Type: Constituency - Building Grants
  • Area: Luzon
  • Grant Status: Past

Project Goals and Objectives

To conduct a community-led survey to validate the presence of Philippine eagle within the watershed, with technical assistance from the Philippine Eagle Foundation to provide leadership for the survey team and coach the indigenous team members for future monitoring of the Philippine eagle.

Outputs and Outcomes

1.  The occurrence of the Philippine Eagle within the AWFR verified and its potential nesting territory/site delineated and mapped; 2.  Assisted and coached at least 10 Indigenous Dumagat team members from the SSMES; and 3.  Team confident to undertake future surveys or expeditions using 10 hard bound, colored manual as a reference.

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