Today is June 18, 2024
Today is June 18, 2024

Kalikasan ay Sagipin: Civil Society Summit on the Environment

  • Proponent: Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Inc.
  • Amount: 54,000.00
  • Project Start Date: March 15, 2005
  • Project End Date: May 31, 2005
  • Grant Type: Constituency - Building Grants
  • Area: National
  • Grant Status: Past

Project Goals and Objectives

General Objective: To discuss key issues on the country's policies on the environment vis-à-vis the recent destruction brought about by the rapid and massive denudation of our forest covers. In line with the forum title, the following objectives have been conceptualized: [for] civil society to gain a deeper understanding of key environmental issues, specifically on logging, mining, fisheries, agriculture, waste and pollution, and energy; [for] civil society to draft and agree on a comprehensive action plan for the abovementioned environmental issues; and to strengthen the "environment constituency" and place the issue of the environment at the center of public attention and debate.

Outputs and Outcomes

A civil society summit on the environment dubbed as "KALASAG: Kalikasan ay Sagipin" gathered together more than 150 representatives of various organizations. Thematic discussions addressed in the event focused on: logging, mining, waste and pollution, energy, fisheries, and agriculture and environment. Critical issues confronting each thematic discussion were raised and reflected upon and several resolutions were brought to the fore for action that would be addressed both by cross-cutting and site-specific responses. A common platform, campaign strategies and site operations have been drawn up while specific roles and functions [...]. The event was capped by consensus building through a ritual on "Pagtatagpo sa KALASAG" as a symbolic commitment.

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