Today is June 24, 2024
Today is June 24, 2024

National Consultation with Civil Society Organizations: PROJECT PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT FOR THE GREEN CLIMATE FUND (GCF)

  • Proponent: Pro active
  • Amount: 200000
  • Project Start Date: March 27, 2019
  • Project End Date: March 27, 2019
  • Grant Type: Constituency - Building Grants
  • Area: National
  • Grant Status: Past

Project Goals and Objectives



<p 40px;"="">Provide participants updates on the Country Programme as a guide for FPE’s project portfolio development; Share other ongoing GCF-related efforts that need to be considered in the development of the said project portfolio; Identify project ideas to be included in FPE’s project portfolio for possible joint development with CSO partners.

Outputs and Outcomes


<p 40px;"="">List of indicative Country Programme project/program opportunities and gaps which can be undertaken by FPE and/or potential CSO partners; List of indicative project ideas that can be developed by FPE and/or with other CSO partners into funding proposals for submission to GCF.

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