Today is June 18, 2024
Today is June 18, 2024

Project ISDA (Isda Sguruon Damgong makab-ot pinaagi sa Alyansa)

  • Proponent: Coastal Conservation & Education Foundation (CCEF)
  • Amount: 1,916,150
  • Project Start Date: March 19, 2018
  • Project End Date: March 19, 2019
  • Grant Type: Constituency - Building Grants
  • Area: Visayas
  • Grant Status: Past

Project Goals and Objectives

To contribute to food security through MPA alliance building and effective MpA designs that can improve fish stocks, marine biodiversity and resiliency to the adverse impacts of climate change;

Outputs and Outcomes

1. Strengthening eco-governance in Siquijor Province, focusing on coastal law and MPA enforcements: 
- Signed MOA for the establishment of the Siquijor Province Coastal Resource Management Alliance (SPCFMA) between Siquijor Province and 6 Municipalities in Siquiior.
- Operation Manual for the SPCRMA and Task Force
- Cluster Enforcement Plan
- Enforcement equipment:
  A. Provincial Level
    -  2 ncs megaphones 
    - 1 set radio communication 
    - 4 pcs Raincoats 
    - 6 pcs. Lifejackets 
    - 2 pcs. Binoculars
  B. Municipal Level 
    - 2 pcs. Flashlights 
    - 2 pcs Megaphones 
    - 10 pcs. Raincoats 
    - 10 pcs. Lifejackets  
    - 2 pcs. Binoculars
- Stand-alone reports on the following: 
     - Workshop Report on the action planning of the SPCRMA 
     - Quarterly Meeting Reports on the SpCRMA 
     - Training Reports on the CLE/MpA refresher training and MPA monitoring training 
     - Progress Report on the reorganization of the Provincial Monitoring Team (pROMOTE) and the setting-up their annual monitorinq system
     - Progress Report on the institutionalization of
the "lsla de Fueqo MPA Awards"

2. lmprovement of MPA designs to include
biodiversity conservation and rersilience against
adverse impacts to climate change aside from
fishery benefits and ecotourism.
- Establishmentof at least one MPA with a medium to
large size (20 ha or more in size) which includes an
off-shore area 
- Establishment of at least one medium to large MPA with multiple habitat or with a habitat(s) that is non-coral reef (e.q. a seaqrass MPA).
- Stand-alone reports on: 
      - Baseline survey results and assessments for the two (2) new MPAs 
      - MPA management training and site visit 
      - Orientation on Fisheries Law and MPA rules and regulations, including the demarcation of MPA boundaries
- MPA Law Enforcement Team created
- Ordinances signed and adopted for the two (2) new

3. Evaluation of project effectiveness; while applying the principles of the theory of change
- MEAT and NEAT Reports on the 12 MPAs
- Collated data collection on the apprehension at the
Province and Municioal levels
- Case Study on MPA Alliance and MPA Networking
as a tool to increase capacities of marine resources
and communities, thus reducing vulnerabilities

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