Today is October 28, 2020
Today is October 28, 2020


Call for Nominations for FPE Regional Advisory Committee Members and Recommendations for Board of Trustees

Posted on March 5, 2018

Calling all civil society organizations (CSOs) working on biodiversity conservation and sustainable development (BCSD)! We would like to invite you to nominate exemplary individuals for FPE’s new Regional Advisory Committee members and recommend potential members to the Board of Trustees.

Founded in 1992, FPE is an organization for and by nongovernment organizations (NGOs), people’s organizations (POs) and indigenous people’s organizations (IPOs). Thus, it is only right that leaders from these grassroots organizations govern the Foundation as well.

FPE’s governance system is comprised of the 11-person Board of Trustees (BOT) responsible for maintaining a strategic focus and clear policy direction and the 15-member Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao that ensures regional representation. The RAC gives advice on policies, programs and governance to the FPE Board. They also provide a crucial link between the Board and the regions from where they come from by apprising issues, concerns and affirmative actions of the CSOs.

Every two years, FPE gathers its constituents through the Regional Consultative Group meeting to nominate new set of leaders for the BOT and RAC. This year, FPE opens its nomination electronically to ensure a wider reach of NGOs, POs, and IPOs, and strengthen the participatory and consultative process of leadership selection.

The guidelines and nomination and recommendation forms are available for download here:
Nomination Form for the Regional Advisory Committee Member
Recommendation Form for the Board of Trustees
Accomplished form/s must be submitted via email on or before April 6 at 5:00 PM to  if you are based or operating in Luzon, for Visayas, or for Mindanao; for National.
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