Today is January 18, 2019
Today is January 18, 2019


FPE Awards Outstanding Partners and Media Practitioners

Posted on December 2, 2017

In celebration of FPE’s 25th anniversary, the Foundation awarded its outstanding long-term partners and environmental media practitioners. The awardees are:

Outstanding Project Partners/Grantees


  1. Tanggol Kalikasan, Inc.
  2. Ecological and Agricultural Development Foundation, Inc.
  3. Philippine Reef and Rainforest Foundation, Inc. (PRRCFI)
  4. Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI)

PO/Environmental Protectors:

  1. Buklod Unlad ng Dalitang Umaasa sa Kalikasan, Inc. (BUNDUK)
  2. Balinsasayaw Twin-Lakes Farmers Association (BLTFA)
  3. Tapian Development Alliance, Inc. (TADEAS)


  1. Kalahan Educational Foundation, Inc. (KEF) 
  2. Bukidnon Higaonon Tribal Association (BUHITA)


  1. Miriam College
  2. Siliman University-Institute of Environmental and Marince Sciences (SU-IEMS)
  3. Mindanao State University – Naawan Foundation for Science Technology and Development (MSU-NFSTD)

BCSD Champions/Frontliners


  1. Leo G. Mamicpic, FPE Visayas RAC Coordinator
  2. Prudencio R. Obispo (LABB)

Environmental Champions/Defenders:

  1. Cantilan CSO Network:  CarCanMadCarLan Baywatch Foundation, Inc., Hotchkiss Foundation, TUPEDO Irrigators Association
  2. BALAOD Mindanaw, Inc. 


  1. Provincial Government of Negros Occidental

These organizations were awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance and outcomes of BCSD work in the area/site (50%),
  • Sustainability or partnerships developed in the area/site such as sustainable financing mechanisms established, etc. (25%), and 
  • Partner’s organizational performance (25%)

For the individual winners, the following are the criteria for selection:

  • Significant contribution to BCSD (50%)
  • Innovativeness (25%)
  • Sustainability (25%)

Winners of the Outstanding Project Partners/Grantees and BCSD Champions/Frontliners each received a trophy, cash prize, and a small grant for their chosen BCSD project.

Sarihay Media Award

The winning entries for the 3rd Sarihay Media Awards were also awarded during the Gala/Governor’s Night. They were: 

  1. “Saving Davao’s endangered species” Henrylito Tacio (EDGE Davao), Best Print Special Report
  2. “Bayan ng Mina”, Reporter’s Notebook (GMA 7), Best TV Special Report

Of the 134 entries, these two stand out in terms of relevance to FPE’s national and regional agenda (30%), content/substance (30%), style/creativity (20%), and overall impact (20%) and with average scores passing the 85% mark. They each received a trophy, cash price, and a learning tour. 

Outstanding Fund and Account Management

FPE's judicious fund management have succeeded in making its endowment fund's cummulative revenue grow. Thus, in recognition and appreciation of FPE's outstandng funds and account management, the following long-time finance partners were awarded based on these criteria: investment ability (ability to generate consistently higher investment returns), concern for the Foundation, and best after sales service. 

  1. AB Capital and Investment Corporation, Best Performing Fund Manager
  2. Ms. Rebecca Tam, Best in Service of an Account Manager

Post-Humous Award

Part of the event is the awarding of FPE partners and members who passed away in the past two years. While these environmental advocates may have gone ahead, their legacy lives on in the lives of the people and the communities they have touched. The FPE Posthumous Award were given to:

  1. Danny Balete, FPE EAP member
  2. Zenaida Darunday, former Visayas RAC member ()
  3. Atty. Raymond Salas, former Mindanao RAC member (2010-2012)

The National RAC-Partners-EAP Meeting is held every two years. The next conference is in 2019 to be hosted by Mindanao. 

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