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Today is June 18, 2024


FPE Sports An Updated Logo

Posted on March 25, 2013

As the first and largest non-government grant-making organization in the Philippines that catalyzes cooperation to conserve biodiversity and sustain communities, the Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE) has to purposively communicate its mission and contributions to the public. Having a distinct, memorable, timeless and appropriate logo identity is a basic step towards recognition and acknowledgement of FPE’s work.

Recently, the Foundation updated its clasped hands logo resembling a leaf. The colors of the leaf have been adjusted to represent an integrated and inclusive approach to conservation — green is for terrestrial while blue is for priority marine areas supported by the organization.

The brand presents a bolder and more prominent FPE. It stands out from the spelled-out name of the organization. Sending a clear message about FPE’s work is the stylish and fitting tagline and brandmark, “Fostering Partnerships for the Environment.”

When using the FPE logo, FPE units/offices, project holders and partners are not allowed to modify the design, add or delete any elements or words, or alter any colors.

For more details about the FPE logo, please download the FPE Logo Usage Guide [download file link here]here.

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