Today is November 18, 2018
Today is November 18, 2018


FPE takes part in Adamson University-UNESCO Club’s “Daluyong” activity

Posted on September 25, 2017

The UNESCO Club of Adamson University invited the Foundation for the Philippine Environment as resource speaker in their activity “Daluyong: Ang agos ng buhay mo, Ang agos ng mundo” on September 23, 2017, at the Adamson University campus.

The program started with the showing of a documentary entitled “Chasing Corals”, which captured visual evidence of coral bleaching and aimed to raise awareness on the alarming condition of the corals in the different parts of the world.

Mr. Edel Garingan, the Resource Mobilization and Grants Officer of FPE provided the status of the Philippine marine ecosystem and the Philippine coral reefs. He also introduced FPE and what the Foundation has been doing to protect this ecosystem. Lastly, he posed a call for action for the audience to help in its protection and sharing the advocacies of FPE.

Ms. Pia Labastilla, Manager of the Knowledge Management and Advocacy Unit of FPE challenged the students to do small and great steps to awareness, knowledge building, and actions to protect and save the environment for themselves and their future children.

FPE was honored to have students who still value the worth of advocating for the environment.

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